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Salesforce Tutorial

As per recent company reports, “Salesforce reached $5Billion in annual revenue faster than any other enterprise software company. ” Salesforce training is important from a company’s perspective as every organization wants to make profits , receive the best results with better ROI at the end of each year. The training will be beneficial to keep the sales and marketing team up-to-date with Customer Relationship Management (CRM), track customer’s behavior, develop a team of certified administrators and developers to support the organization’s employees.

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Key highlights of CRM

It is reported as the world’s no. 1 CRM product. But why? Read below to find out:

Key highlights Description
Customer-centric Easy to follow customers and budget at one
Cloud-based No hardware and no software as built on app cloud
All inclusive product Cover all touch points of customers
Range of products Wide range of products for companies of all size

Apart from above mentioned features, following are some other key points that will convince you to consider it a leader in its field:

  • Boosts sales revenue by 37%, customer satisfaction by 45% and marketing ROI by 43%.
  • Repetitive tasks get simplified letting you concentrate more on leads
  • Getting equipped with AI it predicts the sales reps and helps in sealing the deal.

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Similarly, Salesforce enables managers to make smart and accurate business decisions and compile and present quality data to clients, consumers and teams. This tutorial serves the similar purpose for organizations and Salesforce CRM users worldwide. It is designed to provide an in-depth understanding of how to implement various Salesforce techniques and strategies in your organization.

Salesforce Tutorial Video

There are lots of hands-on examples and exercises in this learning package to let learners understand the easy way. After an illuminating introduction of Salesforce, you will gain insights into components of Salesforce, different fields and data types, installing App Exchange applications, creating Salesforce application, objects, tabs, custom fields and data reports.

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Salesforce is amazing yet complex tool, and in order to make the best use of its features, there is a need of professional training. A recent study by Market Tools Inc. say that there has been 132% increase in their sales only because the clients were properly trained on Salesforce. Thus, it is reasonable to train the employees on every feature of this CRM tool to make the company productive and successful.

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Salesforce Certified Professionals are earning an annual salary of about $90,000 and are needed in a high number with the growing technology. Besides standalone training courses, we offer Salesforce all-in-one  Salesforce 201, 401 and 501 combo training course, which will give a brilliant start to your career providing an interactive platform to enrich your knowledge in Cloud Computing.

Recommended Audience

This course is recommended for:

  • com CRM Administrators
  • CRM Developers
  • CRM Consultants

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You need to have a good understanding of basic CRM concepts and functionality. You should be aware of:

  • Salesforce CRM Navigation
  • Salesforce CRM Sales application functionality

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