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In this Salesforce tutorial you will learn Salesforce platform from the basics and get a clear idea about what it is all about. Salesforce is the number one CRM or Customer Relationship Management tool that is being used around the world. Salesforce offers an entire range of applications that can be very useful in lead generation, improving sales, deals closure and along it that it also helps in marketing domain, customer service, analytics and a whole host of applications.

Recommended audience

This Salesforce tutorial is beneficial for anybody who want to learn about CRM. Software developers, administrators, Cloud computing professionals, Project Managers can benefit can learn Salesforce and benefit from this Salesforce Tutorial.

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There are no prerequisites to learn from this Salesforce tutorial.

What is Salesforce?

CriteriaSalesforce advantage
Need for infrastructure setupNot needed since it is hosted in the cloud
Products suited for each domainAvailable

Salesforce is the market leader in the CRM domain with nearly 20% of the global market share. Salesforce is at the cutting-edge of innovation offering customers everything they need to run a business successfully. Since the Salesforce applications are deployed in the cloud the benefit it offers to the customers is that there is no costly infrastructure set-up or upfront cost needed and due to this ithelps the companies to fast-track business in a digitally-driven world. Salesforce offers around 800 applications that can help any organization for a whole gamut of things thus winning big in a hypercompetitive world.

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Applications of Salesforce

Here are some of the applications of Salesforce:

Sales Cloud: It is the number 1 CRM platform which helps to close deals faster, improve overall productivity, keep a set of solid leads in the pipeline and improve the bottom line.

Service Cloud: The service cloud helps to resolve customer queries, keep them engaged with the brand, deliver personalized support, improve agent productivity and a whole host of things.

Marketing Cloud: Salesforce offers dedicated applications for all stages of the marketing funnel including creating personalized customer cross-channel marketing strategies in order to gain a 360-degree visibility and brand building.

Commerce Cloud: Salesforce offers a 1-on-1 shopping experience for your customers by creating a personalized omni-channel experience with built-in predictive intelligence.

Analytics Cloud: This is analytics platform that is strong and secure and built into the cloud. It helps to make sense of all that data and derive valuable insights from it.

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Why should you learn Salesforce?

Today every business wants to improve the sales pipeline since sales is the holy grail of any business. Salesforce helps to make sense of the entire gamut of things from marketing, sales, customer service, analytics to commerce. If you learn Salesforce you have a huge upside in your career thanks to the booming job opportunities that you can land. Also, the salaries for Salesforce professionals are among the best in the industry. Thus, this Salesforce tutorial is your first step to learn Salesforce and excel in your career.

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