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Importance of Digital Marketing
Updated on 24th Mar, 23 1208 Views

Contents of this blog are:

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What is Digital Marketing? What are the uses of Digital Marketing?

Before getting into the importance of Digital Marketing, it’s necessary to understand what Digital Marketing is.  Digital Marketing is a method to reach out, influence, and understand the choices and mindset of potential customers through any digital medium like social media, web applications, email, search engines, mobile applications, etc.

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In simple words, it is every brand or service that we see as an ad while scrolling through our social media or google, it is the email marketing strategy that you receive about various products. Yes, an influencer promoting a product or small business to their followers through social media is also a Digital Marketing example.

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What is the Importance of Digital Marketing? Its uses?

Let us look at the importance of Digital Marketing, the uses and understand what makes it an evitable component in the marketing strategy nowadays:

1. Affordability

Organizations are focusing on long-term marketing goals and hence are always keen on getting more out of less. This makes Digital Marketing a favorite due to its easy affordability. The reason behind its easy affordability is the low investment techniques such as SEO, Content Marketing, etc. Some techniques, usually at the beginner level, come at no cost. Other techniques are paid but the charges are lower than any traditional marketing technique like SEM (Search Engine Marketing). Talking about SEO vs. SEM. SEO is cheaper than SEM and focuses on organic traffics. So having a good Content Marketing strategy can help you in all aspects of Digital Marketing.

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2. Mobile Access

Digital marketing allows marketers to work from any location. You can reach any customer sitting in any corner of the world. Due to this high mobility, digital marketing is considered very important to reach the maximum possible customers in a short span of time with low investment.

3. Flexibility

Unlike traditional marketing practices, Digital Marketing offers flexibility to marketers as different marketing campaigns can be designed and run for various types of customer segments. Not only this, various goals can be set for different marketing campaigns to cater to different groups of the target audiences.

4. Expansion

As discussed in various places in this blog, Digital Marketing goes a long way in helping any organization in expanding its reach. Customers sitting in any corner of the world can be easily communicated with. If an organization launches a new product category, digital marketing helps to communicate the same to a maximum number of customers in lesser time as compared to the traditional marketing approach.

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5. Multimedia

The options available with Digital Marketing are numerous. This domain uses multimedia channels to promote its products. For example – A Social Media content strategy uses LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc. The location enables digital marketing is also one such emerging technique wherein customers get push notifications about your shop whenever they are near your shop.

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6. Interactivity

The best part is Digital marketing promotes two-way interaction wherein even customers get to interact with the organization and the product/service on a digital platform. For example – Digital marketers come up with campaigns to engage customers by asking them to share their experiences and feedback regarding the products/services. In this way, the customer places trust in the organization too.

7. Tracking

Digital Marketing not only offers flexible campaigns and promotions but also allows marketers to effectively track their performance and KPIs. With the help of Google Analytics, digital marketers can get insights and aim for better decision-making.

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8. Authority

Digital marketing allows marketers to have total control and authority over the marketing processes instead of depending on third-party vendors. Digital marketing helps marketers to take ownership of their marketing efforts, whether the results are as per the set goals and expectations or not.

9. Influencer Engagement

There are various influencers who are important for spreading positive word of mouth about the products and services. These influencers are basically individuals or entities who have a greater social presence and are followed by the mass. Digital marketing is the best way to reach out to these influencers and engage them in the best possible way.

10. Print Enhancement

Digital marketing helps marketers to get deeper insights into customer behavior, tastes, and preferences. This helps in creating better print advertisements to attract customers and increase engagement.

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Why Choose Digital Marketing Takeaways:

Why choose Digital Marketing Takeaways

Now let us understand why digital marketing must be a priority and important element in any marketing strategy.

1. Increase in The Number of Online Consumers

Digital is the future and has already established itself as a technique to increase the online presence and number of customers. Due to its high flexibility and options, Digital marketing has today become a preferred mode of product and service promotion by organizations. Also, as more customers can be reached with lesser investment, Digital marketing has helped many small and medium businesses to increase the number of online customers/subscribers.

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2. Affordable Digital Marketing Strategies.

Companies can very well create digital marketing strategies which are affordable to carry out. The reason behind the affordability is that Digital marketing is cheaper than any traditional marketing technique. The only resource needed is a digital platform and the internet. This has led many organizations to curate affordable digital marketing plans and strategies.

3. Easy to Track and Monitor your Campaigns.

As already mentioned before, digital marketing enables marketers to have clarity on what they are doing and whether the results are aligned with the marketing goals. Most of the tools in digital marketing help in getting a deep understanding of how the campaigns are performing, what kind of leads it is generating, and what is customer expectation.

4. More Interactive Experience Through Digital Marketing Channels.

Customers can better interact with the brand and organization when Digital Marketing is used. Due to the high involvement of multimedia channels, there are possibilities for highly interactive experiences for customers. This in turn helps in building brand reputation and enhancing brand recognition.

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5. Digital marketing channels allow you to be a part of the conversation about your company.

As an organization, it is very important to know and keep knowledge of what customers and people are talking or thinking about you. Digital marketing helps organizations to stay connected with the world and understand the brand positioning they have created in the minds of the people.

6. Easy to Respond to Trends in Real-Time.

In today’s world, customers really look forward to real-time, swift, and prompt communication from organizations. It can be either a grievance redressal or a doubt resolution. Now, Digital marketing helps in enabling a hassle-free communication experience and quick resolutions. This helps the organizations to create trust in the minds of their customers and target audience.

7. Global Customer Reach.

As already mentioned before, with Digital marketing, organizations can reach any customer sitting at any corner of the globe. Due to a broader reach, organizations can aim for and even achieve higher sales volume and profits. This also helps marketers to utilize the best potential of digital marketing techniques.

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8. Digital Marketing Can Help to Improve Customer Relationships.

The multiple advantages of digital marketing such as personalized communication, prompt resolutions, redressals, real-time connectivity, transparency, etc. help in building a positive brand image and contribute to a great extent to strengthening relationships with customers.

9. Digital Marketing Tactics Pair well with Traditional Print Marketing.

If you know what the customer wants, you definitely know what kind of print advertising to be followed. Digital marketing tactics such as analytics and campaign monitoring etc. help in identifying the right print marketing strategy. These tactics help in getting insights into customer mindset and behavior which are used to determine the right print ads.

10. Your Competitors are doing it!

In any business, it is essential to understand the competition, the competitors in the market, and hence the importance of Digital Marketing. Only then proper planning or strategy of Digital Marketing can be built, and win in the economy.

So understanding our competitor’s strategies can also help us learn what is effective as well as what is not effective. How our competitor is conveying their ideas, what kind of media they are using, how well is their reach to the customers,  everything can be learned by analyzing the Digital Marketing strategies they use, which will enable us to tackle situations easily.

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What makes Digital Marketing inevitable for businesses?

What makes Digital Marketing inevitable for business

Digital Marketing is the most powerful way of marketing in this highly competitive economy. It has opened horizons of possibilities in business and has improved marketing strategies over time. The following are the importance and benefits of Digital Marketing, which cannot be disregarded.

1. Affordability

Compared to traditional marketing techniques, Digital Marketing is cheap and affordable. This caters to small businesses and provides an equal opportunity for them to flourish. Anybody with a proper internet connection can now afford the price of entering the market.

2. Quick Accessibility

It is very easy to access the customers at a global level by using Digital Marketing. It is predicted that there will be  973.89 million smartphone users in India by 2025. And this raises the potential of Digital Marketing. Hence any enterprise whether small or medium or large can reach its audience while they are busy using different apps for various purposes. Why Digital Marketing is important for small businesses is due to this exemplary feature.

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3. Use of multimedia

Digital Marketing empowers us to reach our customers through various types of content like photos,  videos, audio,  blogs, etc. So here, Digital Marketing is not restricting the creativity to engage our customers.

4. Interaction

Digital Marketing also promotes proper communication between the customer and seller. The seller can always take feedback through the reviews, comments, or messages at any time, thereby we can build a customer network community. This always creates brand loyalty.

5. Analysis

Digital Marketing paves way for quick market analysis and also helps the seller to analyze and track the choices of customers using different analytics tools like Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics & Mixpanel. It enables us to use effective marketing methods required for a particular target customer. This aids our performance as well as our competitor’s performance. That is why Digital Marketing is important for small business

6. Influencers

Digital Marketing allows us to collaborate with influencers through various media where when an influencer promotes a particular service or a product, it reaches their huge fan base and followers.

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How is Digital marketing better than traditional marketing?

How is it better than traditional marketing

The rising importance of Digital Marketing for small businesses as well as large businesses is intriguing so it’s necessary to understand the difference between Traditional Marketing and Digital Marketing.

ComponentTraditional MarketingDigital Marketing
Understanding of marketOne way communicationFeeding relations and dialogs, build trust and credibility
Value of trendThe trend has to be rememberedValue of trend can be identified by customers
ClassificationMainly demographic classificationCustomer group according to relevance and attitude,customers choice is given importance
TargetingOnly demographic targeting is possibleTargeting based on the attitude of customer
CommunicationA message that created and transmittedhardly for assimilation of customers inradio, television channelsPromotes interactive communication via customercomments and search and feedbacks
Being ViralContent is guided via effective presentationBased on trustful content or the features
ContentPotential content created and controlledby expertsMixed content including audio-video, images andwritten content
Opinion leadershipCreated by marketing expertUsers opinion is given priority

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How does Digital Marketing serve a customer?

The importance of Digital Marketing is something that every customer has to be aware of. 

  • It keeps you updated about the latest products and trends
  • It gives you a wide variety of options
  • Comparison of various aspects of products is really easy
  • Convenient and quick, especially when it is difficult to shop, and saves a lot of time
  • Access to global as well as local market
  • The incorporation of artificial intelligence can help search engines suggest and predict similar products that you are interested in.
  • You can better understand the seller from reviews of their other customers.
  • 24 x 7 access to products, which gives freedom of time for the customers
  • Personalization and no compulsion to buy any product

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The importance of and future scopes of Digital Marketing can’t be simply ignored because of its psychological impacts on your customer. Compared to any other marketing, this technique allows you to have an advantage over your competitors. 

This promotes the interaction of sellers and buyers for a better understanding of products as well as the choices of customers. This builds a strong rapport within the seller-buyer community.

Various budding technologies like AI can be incorporated into Digital Marketing which further emancipates this marketing branch of business.

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