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Components of Digital Marketing
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The practice of marketing goods and services to customers through digital channels is known as “Digital Marketing.” Utilizing websites, mobile devices, social media, search engines, and other comparable channels are all part of this type of marketing.

This comprises text, multimedia, as well as email, social media, and web advertising as a marketing channel. All of these components are well applied in businesses and can be learned through a digital marketing course.”It is hard to find things that won’t sell online.”

Nowadays, it’s actually hard to find things that you can not buy or sell online. Almost every single thing from cosmetics to groceries, from medicines to clothes, from furniture to electrical appliances, everything can be bought or sold sitting at your place. All this is possible only through Digital marketing.

To increase your knowledge about digital marketing and its components, continue reading.

Let’s quickly look at the agenda of this blog,

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What is Digital marketing?

Online marketing, also referred to as “Digital Marketing,” is the delivery of advertisements through digital channels. It not only supports brands but also connects potential customers using the Internet and other digital communication channels, such as:

  • Social Media
  • Websites
  • Search Engines

Consumers are fascinated by using a variety of digital channels in Digital Marketing.

Websites, mobile devices, and social media platforms are frequently used for this type of marketing.

This type of marketing is distinct from Social Media Marketing, which is exclusively done online. Digital Marketing is a broad discipline that includes attracting clients through email, content marketing, search engines, social media, and more.

One of the main issues that digital marketers are facing nowadays, is how to stand out in a world that is flooded with advertisements for Digital Marketing.

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Digital Marketing Components

Some core components of Digital Marketing are discussed below, which will definitely help you with insights regarding Digital Marketing.

  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Pay-per-click (PPC)
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Webinars
  • Affiliate Marketing

Search Engine Optimization-

SEO is short for Search Engine Optimisation. The goal of search engine optimization (SEO) is to increase natural traffic to your website.

  • Technical strategies are used in SEO activities to raise search engine visibility and improve rankings. Google, Bing, and Yahoo are the three most hyped search engines.
  • To keep their websites at the top of search engine results, digital marketing managers concentrate on optimizing various factors, including keywords, backlinks, crosslinks, and original content.
  • Make sure the website is compatible with mobile devices.
  • Identify relevant keywords and use them strategically throughout the content.
  • Create numerous backlinks.
  • Voice search optimization.
  • Boost the website’s overall user experience.
  • Prioritize topical clusters over keywords.
  • Utilize local listings and landing pages to target local searches.

Pay Per Click(PPC)

PPC is yet another crucial element of a digital marketing plan. A PPC campaign can quickly put your website at the top of search results. It is a fantastic way to drive traffic to the website and is accomplished through Google ads.

Your pay-per-click campaigns can be created in a variety of ways. Check out its five components in brief:

  • Groups of ads
  • Keywords
  • Campaigns
  • Landing pages
  • Advertisement text

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Social Media Marketing-

Social media has dominated the globe in the generation that we are now living in. People of every age use social media platforms.

Our youth is so much into social media that they start assuming everything shown on social media platforms is true. Social Media Marketing forms a major part of Digital Marketing. It becomes so easy to attract customers through Instagram, Facebook, etc.

  • A number of brands have grown through Social Media Marketing. One of the major examples of this is Urbanic. They started it on Instagram and have now reached a high level of success.
  • And there are many others making Social Media a useful platform for building customer-seller relationships.
  • Without a significant social media presence, your company won’t survive the social media craze.
  • To increase brand awareness and establish a solid connection with your intended audience, you must work on your social media strategy and create social media campaigns.
  • When the appropriate social media strategies are used, you can convert your fans and followers into subscribers and buyers.

Content Marketing

In terms of content, you can use blog posts, case studies, whitepapers, and other things that benefit your target audience. Then, using both free and paid methods, these digital content assets can be used to attract customers.

  • A crucial tactic to attract new clients is content marketing.
  • It can improve SEO rankings as well as inform your target market about the issues your product can help them with.
  • Consumers today are looking for high-quality content. Without pertinent content, there is no reason to visit a person’s website, participate in their social media posts, read their emails, or communicate with the business.
  • Therefore, it is crucial to create relevant content for your website as good content can attract potential customers to your company and aid in the achievement of your objectives.

Email Marketing

Sending promotional emails to a targeted audience of potential clients or customers is known as Email Marketing. It is most popular among e-commerce companies as a means of retaining customers.

  • Sending personalized messages that are specific to the needs and interests of customers through email marketing is still a successful strategy.
  • An effective method of internet marketing to cultivate prospects and entice them to your brand and services is email marketing. Additionally, it is a productive and economical way to communicate with customers and accomplish business objectives.
  • Email marketing aids in all aspects of marketing, from generating leads to nurturing them so they can become potential customers and boost your sales.
  • For your business, you should concentrate on your email marketing strategy. In order to drive relevant traffic and leads, the first step is to work on the buyer persona and send them a targeted message that is personalized and well-optimized for multiple devices.

Mobile Marketing

A product or service is specifically promoted through mobile phones and other mobile devices through mobile marketing. This includes mobile advertising in downloaded apps or text messages. However, a thorough approach to mobile marketing also entails optimizing content, landing pages, emails, and websites for mobile users.

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Webinars are online meetings that let businesses communicate with clients both old and new, wherever they may be.

  • A targeted audience can be reached in real-time by using webinars to present pertinent content, such as product demonstrations or seminars.
  • By directly interacting with your audience, your business has the chance to exhibit in-depth subject matter expertise.
  • Many businesses use attendee lists in retargeting and email marketing campaigns to generate new leads and solidify already-existing connections.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is already in trend for the past few years.

  • It generally refers to selling a company’s products and getting a commission for the same.
  • It is an easy process. All you’ve to do is become a medium between the company and the customers and promote the products.
  • Most people generate a link that takes you to the product which is to be sold and when you buy the same through the link, they get a commission for the same.

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What is a Digital Marketing plan and its significance?

A Digital Marketing plan is a document that specifies marketing goals to be achieved within a specific time frame.

  • It’s critical to keep in mind that marketing still revolves around persuading customers of the advantages of your goods or services.
  • This is especially true when developing a Digital Marketing strategy. Your strategy should therefore concentrate on the marketing strategies that will enable your business to provide a seamless experience for your target audience.
Why Digital Marketing

Significance of Digital Marketing Plan-

A Digital Marketing plan is considered to be really important for the following reasons-

  1. Recognizing the targeted audience.
  2. Effective use of resources.
  3. Completion of company goals.

Components of a Digital Marketing plan

A plan always consists of some major and minor components which help in the accomplishment of the goal. A Digital Marketing plan is a combination of the 7Ps’.

These are as follows-

  • Product
  • Price
  • Promotion
  • Place
  • Packaging
  • Position
  • People

The 7P system helps in the effective and efficient completion of targets and goals.

Now, Let’s understand how the 7P system works.


  • To develop a product, firstly you need to know exactly what qualities your product needs.
  • It can be done through a survey, what qualities were lacking in the previous products, what new things should be added to the product, and how you can make it exactly how the customer wants.


  • The second P is for price.
  • Make it a habit to periodically check to see if the costs of the goods and services you sell are still reasonable given the conditions of the market.
  • You may need to lower your prices occasionally. It might be appropriate to increase your prices at other times.
  • Many businesses have discovered that the profitability of particular goods or services doesn’t justify the time and money spent developing them.
  • They may lose some customers as a result of raising their prices, but the majority still makes money on each transaction.


The third P is Promotion which includes convincing the customers that the product is worth it. It answers to “Why should a customer buy the product and what are the benefits of the product?”

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The fourth P stands for, where you sell your product to the customer. It also plays a major role in increasing the marketing and selling of products.


The fifth P says that ‘make your product eye-catching’. As it is rightly said that,” The first impression is always the last one.” Therefore, the first look of your product should be attractive.


  • This P stands for what position you’ve taken in the hearts of customers.
  • Make it a habit to consider how you can position yourself more effectively.
  • If you want to remain your consumers’ top choice in the future, consider what changes you might do to enhance your regular customer encounters.


  • The last P is for the People involved.
  • You must form the habit of considering precisely who will carry out each task and responsibility if you want to succeed in business.
  • In many situations, you can’t advance until you can find and place the right person in the right position.


Almost each one of us is involved in Digital Marketing either as a seller or as a buyer. Digital Marketing has a really wide scope today and as well as in the future. The concept of marketing digitally has made it very easy for sellers to sell goods and for customers to buy the same. It has become quite easy to form and build connections on different platforms virtually.

Hope you found our blog interesting and that it helped you with a clear understanding of the topic ‘Components of Digital Marketing. We’ll come back with more.

 Till then, you can clear your doubts by visiting the Digital Marketing Community.

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