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Tableau Tutorial - Learn from experts

Why settle for a business software that is slow and obstinate when we have amazingly agile and responsive intelligence platforms?

Tableau is one such leading business intelligence tool to move your business faster and make it easy-to-comprehend by clients and consumers. With highly scalable, easily deployable and efficient performing business framework, Tableau is the leader in this year’s Gartner Magic Quadrant. For the third consecutive year, this visualization software received appreciation from large enterprises and business audiences across the globe.

Learn Tableau in 16 hrs from experts

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Several Industry Analysts are falling for Tableau because as it is packed with excellent innovations for users to analyze and understand their data. Enterprises are investing millions in this BI tool to compete in the data analytics race and remain as a business leader in the market. What attracts business people the most to Tableau is due to its ability to analyze any data of any size by a simple drag-and-drop interface.

What makes Tableau a trending business intelligence technology of present times? Following reasons will highlight the reasons:

  • Ability to real-time filter, sort and embedding live dashboards
  • Real-time blending of data sources without integration cost
  • No need of complex installation. Desktop version is sufficient for all the purposes.
  • Supported by most of the devices.

Making BI fast and easy to maintain, you can understand and present millions of data rows and tables without any complex aggregations and export and import processes. You can drill down into charts and easily implement and upgrade it to your systems, laptops and mobile phones. Tableau provides an excellent mobile and lets you access data visualizations without trouble, automatically streamlining it for mobile OS. Further, you have to pay relatively lower costs than other BI tools.

Intellipaat offers the Tableau online training for larger audiences and its various components to help you present data in the simplest manner ever. We have designed a tutorial on Tableau that will help you Install Tableau desktop and understand the architecture.

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It will give you deep insights into Tableau Server components. You can get familiar with Tableau environment and workspace and learn how to build views in this framework. This tutorial will help you learn how to connect a Tableau data source, export a DB connection, join tables, extract data and create dashboards.

Tableau Tutorial Video

For all those individuals who have recently incorporated Tableau to carry out their data operations, this learning package will let you take a wide tour of Tableau basics and its advanced processes.  Right from opening and closing the application to performing step-by-step data blending, you gain expertise in examining, evaluating and managing values in data bins in Tableau. Each topic is rightly explained with interactive and eloquent examples.

If you like learning through this tutorial, you can browse through our related Tableau Desktop and Tableau Server training courses. Keeping up with the versatile approach of businesses, we have brilliant combo courses of Tableau with other BI tools like QlikView and Spotfire and many others.

Tableau vs. Spotfire

Spotfire is one of the popular competitors of Tableau offering interactive apps and dashboards facilities to various companies. But Tableau has made its own niche despite this cut-throat competition. Let’s know the basic difference between these two technologies in short:

Tableau Spotfire
More customization options Lesser customization options
Connects to 40 data sources Connects to 25 data sources
High Scalability Hardware restriction
Faster implementation Slower implementation
Excellent data integratgion Average data integration

Become Tableau Certified in 16 hrs.


Recommended Audience

  • Professionals working with large datasets on daily basis
  • Tableau users who want to gain deeper insights into the concepts, and learn R Connectivity with Tableau
  • Data scientists and Visual Analysts
  • Entry-level individuals aspiring to learn novel and innovative techniques of managing and presenting their data in front of clients and consumers.

Get a detailed  understanding of Tableau in this insightful blog now!


  • Before proceeding with this tutorial, you must retouch your database, relational and non-relational database concepts

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  1. A good tutorial to learn Tableau from basics.

  2. Eli says:

    Good introduction to the tableau concepts and its installation.overall, an excellent guide for all.

  3. Roma says:

    A good tutorial to learn Tableau from basics. All the concepts are well explained.

  4. Jacob says:

    Found one of the best guide for tableau with easy to understand, and clearly explained topics.

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