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In this blog on Digital Marketing Tools, we will be covering the following aspects:

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Let’s begin!

Introduction to Digital Marketing Tools

To be this good and to do justice to being one of the top 10 jobs to have in this decade, Digital Marketing needs a workhorse in the backend, and this workhorse is powered by the plethora of tools that are helping marketing experts to do everything from placing strategies on products and scaling a brand to catering millions of audiences and fine-tuning the social presence. With the right tools, all of these will come at ease and ensure that Digital Marketing experts save a lot of time and put in the effort where it is truly needed.

With the right Digital Marketing tools list, strategies can be easily implemented, and finding the right technology will help immensely in zooming past the competition! There are many tools out there that are vital for a Digital Marketing expert—including Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Data Analytics, Web Forms, and more.

Internet marketing ideas need to be of high quality always and it is not so easy to avoid Digital Marketing mistakes. To ensure that your strategies are top-notch, we will be discussing the top Digital Marketing tools and techniques and separating them so that you pick up the tools based on the strategies that you plan to implement and, of course, based on your current requirement.

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Digital Marketing Strategies

There are numerous strategies that one can use to launch a Digital Marketing platform toward nothing but success. The following are some of the top strategies used by professionals having Digital Marketing skills around the world:

  • Email Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Content Creation
  • Organic Social Media
  • Website Analytics
  • Video Hosting
  • Affiliate Marketing

Now, let us begin by checking out the first Digital Marketing strategy!

Digital Marketing Tools: Email Marketing Tools

Check out this top 10 Digital Marketing Tools video by Intellipaat:

Did you know that the very first email that was sent through the Internet was way back in the ‘70s? That’s almost 50 years ago! And then the growth of sending emails is rapid across the world. Today, over 150 billion business emails and over 130 billion consumer emails are sent and received every single day! Effective use of this channel is immensely rewarding with nothing but a high Return on Investment (ROI) for companies.

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Mailchimp is one of the magnates when it comes to email marketing, period! Last year, there were over 250 billion emails were sent using Mailchimp. The main reason for their popularity is the completely free plan, which is amazing for all the smaller organizations out there looking to start up their own email marketing pipelines. Mailchimp would be the perfect go-to tool in case you are new to these tools of Digital Marketing or email marketing in general.


Marketo is an amazing tool that will help take your email marketing to the next level. Marketo is aimed to be the go-to Digital Marketing tool with everything being available in a single tool. Automation is the key highlight when it comes to working with Marketo, and in email marketing, automation plays a huge part.


GetResponse is one of the attractive email marketing tools out there for a variety of reasons. The primary is that it implements automation in a very simple yet concise manner. GetResponse helps a lot by actually analyzing the current trends and behaviors across the channel by going through messages. This will later be implemented as a result of the analysis by placing automated responses for the same. What does this do? Well, it makes the entire email marketing strategy smarter!

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Digital Marketing Tools: Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

In my opinion, the most valuable strategy ever added to a Digital Marketing pipeline would be Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and this can be sometimes complex.

Digital Marketing experts can surely use some help in finding out the right tools and techniques and see what works and what does not. As you might have guessed by now, there are a plethora of SEO Tools. Here are some of the most used ones:

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SEMrush is one of the widely used tools in Digital Marketing that helps in two ways. One is via paid search facilities and the other is by helping track SEO and analyzing the respective search ranking. This helps immensely in tracking the competition, and this edge is very much necessary in today’s highly competitive world. A lot of details about competitors—everything from backlinks to changes in ranking—can be accessed and detailed analyses can be performed via this tool.

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Moz is a fun tool to work with and provides a wonderful user experience. There are two main offerings: Moz Local and Moz Pro. Moz Local mainly helps with local SEO listings and their improvements. Moz Pro is a cumulative tool that helps in tracking rankings, link building, and analyzing campaigns in detail. Moz is a very efficient platform and works really well to help you build a structured SEO strategy.

Screaming Frog

Screaming Frog is a very useful tool that primarily functions as a crawler, which is used to crawl into websites and provide insights on their performance. This will help a lot in terms of analyzing broken links, bad redirects, and even broken pages. Of course, fixing all of these flaws easily will give a competitive edge in the market.

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Next up, let us check out the top tools of Digital Marketing for content creation!

Digital Marketing Tools: Content Creation

When it comes to creating a Content Marketing strategy for the digital marketing campaign, there are a plethora of tools that help users, everything from videos and blogs to even infographics that have been trending in Content Marketing. Following are some of the widely used tools used in Digital Marketing for creating attractive content in a very simple manner:


Canva is a free tool that is web-based. It is used to create unique and catchy images that the world loves to look at. Many templates are provided as well so that users can make sure to make full use of this tool. It also provides users with a beautiful user interface to work with. If you want the complete creation of images from scratch or if you want to add some bling to the existing images, you can do it all with Canva. Post creation, you can share it on social media, use it in mail campaigns, and much more!

Learn about Digital Marketing Funnel from our blog and learn more. is a tool that helps users add a lot of art to the content. It is a paid platform and the rates are based on the type of projects, ranging from videos, and e-books to infographics. It is a popular paid tool that helps in creating content and, eventually, making the content beautiful as well. Keeping the content appealing is always the key to helping with the competition.


Feedly is a widely used content curation tool in the field of Digital Marketing that helps in curating a variety of content and helping you monitor various aspects of them on a nice and good-looking dashboard. Another advantage is that Feedly integrates seamlessly with other tools making it more powerful, thereby, helping you make your Digital Marketing campaign a success.

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Next, let us check out the list of digital marketing tools for organic social media growth!

Digital Marketing Tools: Organic Social Media

Did you know that Facebook has over 2.5 billion active users monthly? Twitter has close to 400 million and Instagram has well over 800 million users. With these many people spending time on social media, it is like a huge treasure that’s waiting to be tapped into. Social media management tools are the most important tools in the world of Digital Marketing. Following are some of the tools that are widely used regardless of the size of the company or the complexity of the requirement:


Wyng is a very popular tool among marketers, which mainly focuses on generating user engagement via contests, quizzes, and even referral programs. It was formally called Offerpop. This is a tool that has the goal of creating an end-to-end change in how the world looks at garnering organic traffic today. A detailed analytics dashboard in the application is one of the highlights that can be used to continuously monitor and track the performance of any of the active campaigns.

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Woobox is an amazing social engagement tool that bases its entire platform around the provision of content that is interactive in nature. Everything from the creation of high-profile hashtags to creating competitions, giveaways, and more, Woobox is helping put a dent in the world of Digital Marketing. The platform is fun to work with and makes it easier for Digital Marketing enthusiasts to jump in and achieve good results without much effort.


Hootsuite is a beautiful Digital Marketing tool that emphasizes keeping things simple and elegant. The provision of monitoring several social media channels is the key highlight of Hootsuite. Be it multiple Facebook pages or Twitter handles, Hootsuite has you covered! This directly ensures that your reachability is high without putting in countless hours of effort, and of course, with the help you get in the curation of content that you know your audience love, your reachability will skyrocket!

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Let us now check out the top tools of Digital Marketing for doing good website analytics!

Digital Marketing Tools: Website Analytics

Today’s world of Digital Marketing thrives because of one thing, analytics! It makes it extremely important to track changes and perform competitive analysis, and even trend predictions for that matter.

Analytics has shown results on paper and this makes it a key ingredient in the implementation of a good Digital Marketing campaign. There are multiple tools that have their own unique features when it comes to catering to analytics, and here are some of the top website analytics tools preferred by a lot of users across the globe:


Kissmetrics is a well-curated tool that provides various sub-tools to help in analytics. This directly correlates to helping you turn prospects into sales quicker! Detailed analysis of the sales funnel, giving you a good visualization of how your visitors move through the full, will ensure you have an in-depth understanding of your model, thereby helping you fine-tune the entire process easier.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is the most used analytics tool for Digital Marketing in today’s world, period! This says a lot about the provision of Advanced Analytics offered by Google that helps provide a lot of insights with respect to visitors, the sales funnel, customer interaction, website details, and many other things in real-time. Google Analytics is a good starting point as well as an extremely powerful tool if used well!

Adobe Analytics

If your requirement is for a large campaign, say enterprise-grade, then look no further! Adobe Analytics provides in-depth analytics on the website data and the performance associated with that. The implementation of Artificial Intelligence and detailed customer-centric analysis are the key features. These features ensure that you can cater to your customers in real-time and that, in the world of Digital Marketing, your progress skyrockets over the competition.

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Let us check out the best digital marketing tools for helping in terms of video hosting!

Digital Marketing Tools: Video Hosting

Did you know that video content has taken over a staggering 75 percent of the world’s web traffic? So, what this means is that making use of videos should be a must these days, rather than a secondary consideration.

A lot goes into the curation of quality content for videos and you should surely use all the help you could get. Hosting videos on the top platforms will ensure you bring in viewers in larger numbers! Following are the top platforms that are providing the best services with respect to video hosting and more:

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Become a Digital Marketing Expert


Almost 40 million people use Vimeo as a source to host their ad-free content for audiences across the globe. With the provision of high-quality videos across the last couple of years, it is now considered an important requirement. The creation of stunning videos and hosting them on Vimeo will help bring in a lot of customers to the ecosystem, be it for a product or the brand itself.


It should not come as a surprise that Youtube is the most used video platform in the world. With over 2 billion active monthly users, YouTube poses as a channel waiting to be tapped and made full use of. With YouTube, easy integration of tools from the Google ecosystem is possible, and the native provision of in-depth analytics is the biggest advantage.


Dailymotion is a very popular video hosting website that can help in marketing and business development. Provision of unlimited bandwidth and storage, featured videos, privacy controls, and more from the key features of Dailymotion.

The drag-and-drop feature is implemented as a foundation in the creation of this tool and this makes it very easy for people to use the tool. Monetization is another feature, helping you earn money through videos, alongside marketing your primary brand or product.

Next up in this blog, let us check out the top online marketing tools that help in affiliate marketing!

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Digital Marketing Tools: Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing involves other people selling your product for you. This creation of a pipeline, where people market the product on your behalf, has been trending for a while, and people across the world have seen proven results when affiliate marketing is used.

It is one of the most effective channels to drive traffic since it is trust-based and uses brand advocates to strengthen the trust the customers have for the company. Following are some of the widely used affiliate marketing tools out there:


Rakuten is an excellent affiliate marketing tool that helps build long-term relationships between the affiliates and the product. This ensures that the affiliates have good knowledge of the product or the brand that they’re marketing. This directly correlates to more sales and drives more profits for the organization. Moreover, with a provision of a good amount of analytics, the tool makes it easier to track progress too.


Viglink is considered to be a powerful affiliate marketing tool. The content is provided on a real-time basis, and links are added based on the relevancy of the keywords that are found. This methodology ensures that advertisements become more customized and helps the affiliates and customers support the brand, thereby driving a good amount of revenue.


Flippa is a popular tool used by Digital Marketing experts across the globe to build an efficient and powerful affiliate site from the start. This tool is like an auction marketplace for websites and helps marketers buy those websites that have strong backlinks to ensure that the SEO growth is high upon launching the site. It is vital to use tools to ensure that no black-hat SEO techniques have been implemented before purchasing an affiliate site.

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Moving on with this blog on Top Digital Marketing Tools in 2021, you have to understand how you can pick the best digital marketing tool out there!

Which Digital Marketing tool should you pick up?

Well, now that you have seen the variety of domains and tools specific to each of the strategies, we hope you got a clear understanding of what tools you need to make your Digital Marketing campaign a success.

One thing is certain, each of these tools has its own application in the world of Digital Marketing. To make the best use of the tools, we can recommend taking the following steps:

  • Assessment of campaign requirements
  • Analysis of tools that are required
  • Budget planning for paid tools
  • Researching on Return on Investment (ROI)

One more thing to note is that, if you’re attending Digital Marketing interviews, the companies will not ask for your proficiency in all of the tools. They will mostly have a niche requirement of maybe 4–5 tools, which they make use of in their architecture. Having proficiency in those tools is enough.

Since Digital Marketing is as vast as the ocean, there are hundreds of other tools that are used on a daily basis. What tools do you use at your organization? Do you believe any of those tools deserve a mention in this list? Head to the comments section and let us know!

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