Python programs can executes in three different modes which are –

  • Interactive Mode
  • Script Mode
  • Using IDE

1. Interactive Mode
You can enter python in the command prompt and start working with Python.
interactive mode1
Press Enter key and the Command Prompt will appear like:
interactive mode2
Then execute your Python Programs as follows –

interactive mode3

2.   Script Mode
You can write Python program in a separate file using any editor of OS via this mode
Type print ‘hello world’ in notepad and save it to with .py extension suppose this file name is
Then run this file in command prompt by typing Python
It will print hello world as output.
3. Using IDE
You can execute the python program in graphical user interface. Open the python as follows:
Click on Start button -> All Programs -> Python -> IDLE (Python GUI)
In IDE you can use

  • Interactive Mode
  • Script Mode

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