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Future Scope of Digital Marketing in India
Updated on 28th Mar, 23 1140 Views

Since digital marketing has become an indispensable part of current-day companies, it is lucrative to understand the digital marketing scope and understand the technology in the country in terms of career, jobs, and salary. There are training programs for a digital marketing course for you to understand this new technology.

The following are the topics that are covered in this blog to give you a detailed idea about this career field:

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What is Digital Marketing?

Before understanding the digital marketing future scope in 2023, Let us start with the simple question, what is digital marketing? In the term digital marketing, “digital” is nothing but doing a particular task using the internet and various technologies, and “marketing” is promoting a company’s products or services.

So, in general, digital marketing is a modern way, adopted by companies, to reach out to customers and convince them to buy the company’s goods and services. This includes Email Marketing, Blogging, Online Banner Advertising, Social Media Marketing, Video Marketing, etc.

A live Digital Marketing Example would be Instagram. It is the most popular social media platform these days. From startups to popular brands, every company is using Instagram for promoting products.

Before understanding the scope of digital marketing in India in 2023 and exploring various digital marketing jobs, let us answer the question, why digital marketing? The next section of this blog will explain why digital marketing is so important in the present business scenario.

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Why Digital Marketing?

Why Digital Marketing?

For any company, marketing plays a crucial role in establishing a relationship between the customers and the company’s offering to the market. Marketing is the first impression on customers and the way they get to know about a company’s products or services. If a product is marketed or promoted to the right target audience, then it will definitely yield the desired result and attract the customers to buy the product.

The following section will discuss the reasons why you need digital marketing. This blog will later discuss the scope of digital marketing in India.


Modern digital marketing tools are easy as compared to traditional marketing methods. You can make your own strategy to impress your customers. The technique does not require so much effort, and all you need is creativity to grab the audience’s attention.

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Digital marketing is more affordable than any other marketing technique when compared to traditional marketing methods such as radio and television marketing, print advertisements, etc.


Connectivity increases with digital marketing. Most people are busy using mobiles and laptops, so with digital marketing, you can make them see your ads and remind them about your products. Through social media, you can update them about your latest products and can also communicate with them effectively. This also increases the future scope of digital marketing.


This is the best influencing method you can use in digital marketing. You need to follow a proper marketing strategy that helps people find your product by keeping it accessible and attractive.

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Digital marketing helps in the enlargement of your business and your customer base. With just internet access, you can connect to millions of people all over the world, which will lead to the expansion of your business.


In the end, what every company desires is profits. With the proper use of digital marketing, any company can compete with its competitors and can reach new heights, and make the desired profits.

As now you have seen why companies should use digital marketing, it is time to see the future scope of the domain in India, followed by a list of digital marketing jobs.

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What is the Scope of Digital Marketing in India?

Ever since the launch of Digital India, by the Ministry of Electronics & IT, the usage of digital platforms in India has been increasing day by day. According to analysts, this scheme can boost the gross domestic product (GDP) to up to US$1 trillion by 2025. It can also help in many other factors such as employment generation, labor productivity, growth in the business sector, and revenue generation for the government.

According to a Goldman Sachs report, the future scope of digital marketing in the Indian internet industry alone is going to be worth US$160 billion by 2025, which is thrice of its current value.

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Future of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing has seen a steady increase in recent years. This growth trend seems to be going upward for the upcoming years as well. Opportunities will keep on coming in this domain and every digital marketing professional will have to keep up with all the latest trends.

Since the Covid-19 pandemic, internet consumption has increased. Almost all tasks can now be done online—home delivery of food, ordering medicines, and making transactions. Digital marketing is an important tool that is useful in catering to the increasing demand of consumers.

The future generation will be a part of the digital world and will be accustomed to getting everything done online. The companies that have not joined the digital marketing world yet, will have to start now so that they are not left behind.

In any case, the future of digital marketing seems very promising and if this is a field that excites you, now is the time to join it.

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Growth of Digital Marketing in India

The growth of digital marketing in India itself explains its scope here. There are so many digital marketing agencies thriving in India that help companies with their marketing needs. These digital marketing agencies are the main reason for the growth of digital advertising in India.

Growth of Digital Marketing in India

Now, let us take a look at the digital marketing jobs and the salaries paid to the professionals in this field.

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Jobs and Salaries in Digital Marketing

Jobs and Salaries in Digital Marketing

Before going to the topic of how to start your career in digital marketing, let us talk about various roles you can have in the digital marketing career, along with a review of the salary offered to professionals in this domain. The salaries of the professionals in the digital marketing domain vary with the job role. Using the source Ambition Box, the number of jobs available, along with the salary package, is mentioned below:

Jobs and Salaries in Digital Marketing

Let us further learn about these digital marketing job roles and the digital marketing salary offered in a little more detail.

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Digital Marketing Manager

The role of a digital marketing manager is to plan, develop, implement, and manage the overall digital marketing strategy in a company. The salary offered to a digital marketing manager, on average, is ₹1.9 LPA to ₹10 LPA. The average salary of professionals with 0–3 years of experience in the domain is ₹4.7 LPA.

SEO Specialist

Search engine optimization (SEO) specialists analyze, suggest, implement, and review changes to the company website so that it is optimized for search engines. They also implement keyword research strategies, maintain performance reports, and more. The minimum salary range of an SEO specialist is ₹1 LPA to ₹4 LPA. Nowadays, there are huge SEO career opportunities.

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Search Engine Marketer

As there is a difference between SEO vs. SEM. Their salaries also vary. A search engine marketer (SEM) is responsible for making sure that the company is rightly exposed to its potential customers on search engines. The goal of an SEM is to promote the website’s visibility by using paid search, contextual advertising, organic search rankings, and other methods. The average salary of an SEM ranges from ₹2.57 LPA to ₹7.34 LPA.

Learn more about Search Engine Marketing through our blog What is SEM?

Career Transition

Social Media Marketer

Social media marketers have a great scope in digital marketing in India. Social media marketers post text messages, images, and videos on various social media platforms, according to the brand voice of the company. The starting social media marketer’s salary is around ₹1.79 LPA, which can go up to ₹7.26 LPA.

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Web Analyst or Data Analyst

Web or data analysts are part of the web development team. The main responsibilities of these professionals are data management, data analysis, web projects, data integrity, and web server security. The salary range of these professionals ranges from ₹1.8 LPA to ₹6.6 LPA.

Content Marketer

A content marketer should represent the entire digital marketing team. These professionals are responsible for the content made by the team that aims to engage the target audience. The salary offered to a content marketer in India ranges from ₹3.7 LPA to ₹10 LPA.

Email Marketer

Email marketers create email marketing campaigns to promote products, pages, or services to generate leads. The salary range of an email marketer is ₹2.2 LPA to ₹10 LPA. The average salary of professionals with 0–3 years of experience is ₹5 LPA.

Email Marketer

The time and effort spent by media channels on various marketing techniques is mentioned in the above image. As you can see, only 17 percent of media channels are working on traditional methods, while the rest are working on various digital marketing techniques. This also shows the bright future scope of digital marketing in India.

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Salaries Paid to Digital Marketing Professionals in Indian Cities

According to PayScale, digital marketing professionals working in Bangalore, Mumbai, and Delhi are likely to receive an average of 27 percent more salary than the national average. Digital marketing professionals in Chennai earn 12.4 percent more than the national average salary. The lowest salaries are reported in Jaipur and cities in Haryana, about seven percent less than the national average.

A survey conducted by a digital marketing company, Pixel Track, revealed that Delhi, Bangalore, and Mumbai are the most preferred job locations for digital marketing students and professionals in India. This shows that metropolitan cities have a great scope of digital marketing in India.

Salaries Paid to Digital Marketers in Indian Cities

After knowing about these interesting career opportunities, digital marketing salary, and the scope of digital marketing in India, you must be definitely wondering how to start your career in digital marketing, right? Don’t worry! We have got you covered.

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How to Start Your Career in Digital Marketing?

To start any career, the first and foremost key is passion. If you are passionate about becoming a digital marketing professional and have the proper skills, then you can land your desired job.

To enter the digital marketing field, apart from the technical skills, you must have the three Cs, communication skills, creativity, and critical thinking. These three are very important. Marketing is a way of communicating with customers, so proper communication is a must. To keep updated with new ideas and come up with new adaptations, creativity is much needed. Critical thinking makes you think clearly and rationally and also helps you understand the logical connection between ideas.

If you have these, then that’s enough for the basics. Now, coming to the technical part, digital marketing does not need a marketing degree. If you have the relevant skills and are technically sound, then you can start your career whenever you want. Here are the technical skills you need to have to become a successful digital marketing professional:

  • HTML and CSS
  • Basic Design Principles (UX/UI)
  • Data Analytics and Querying
  • WordPress or CMS
  • Marketing Automation and Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Photo and Video Editing Basics
  • Office Skills—Spreadsheets and Slide Decks

The tools you should learn with respect to your job role are as follows:

  • SEM: Google Webmaster Tools, SEMrush, HubSpot’s Website Grader, Google Keyword Planner, Google Trends, Google AdWords, etc.
  • Social Media Marketer: Hootsuite, Sprout Social, Buffer, Twitter, Facebook, etc.
  • Content Marketer: Grammarly, ClearVoice, BuzzSumo, HubSpot, Copyscape, etc.
  • Web Analyst: Google Analytics, Adobe SiteCatalyst, Clicky, Optimizely, Crazy Egg, Moz, etc.
  • Email Marketer: Mailchimp, AWeber, PutsMail, etc.

Learn more about the most useful Digital Marketing Tools for a Digital Marketing expert.

Tips on How to Land a Digital Marketing Job

Let us discuss the path to landing a digital marketing job and certain tips that you can keep in mind.

Step 1: Complete Your Graduation

Get your bachelor’s degree in any stream. If you have your bachelor’s degree in marketing, then it is well and good. If not, then also it is fine. You don’t have to worry about it as you can learn new things on your way.

Step 2: Start Building Skills

If you want to enter the Digital Marketing domain, then you should start working on your Digital Marketing skills right now because the scope of digital marketing in India is vast. Start building your communication skills and aptitude and get hands-on experience with common tools used in social media marketing, online advertising, email marketing, SEO, etc.

Step 3: Start Your Own Blog

Blogging is a great first step toward becoming a digital marketing professional. It motivates you to become a better writer and eventually helps you on your journey to attract people with your content.

Step 4: Earn Online Certification

You can enroll in a digital marketing training program and get an online certification. This will add more value to your digital marketing resume and also help you gain better knowledge of digital marketing. Certifications by well-recognized e-learning platforms, such as Intellipaat, can increase the chances of getting a lucrative job.

Step 5: Start As An Intern

It is always better to start your career as an intern. Working as an intern in any company helps you understand the job thoroughly. It also gives you much required real-world experience.

Step 6: Be Active on Digital Platforms

Always be active! You should have an active presence on various digital platforms that help you connect with people. Try to keep and maintain contacts with professionals through platforms such as LinkedIn. This will help you in your career.

You have learned all the details that you need to know to start your career in digital marketing. There is a lot of scope for digital marketing in India. All you need is a certification in digital marketing to kick-start your career. You don’t have to worry about where to find a comprehensive course. Intellipaat provides you with the best Digital Marketing Courses with industry-recognized certification.

Become a Digital Marketing Expert

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Popular Digital Marketing Certifications

Here is a list of the top five online training courses in digital marketing offered by Intellipaat.

Digital Marketing Certification Course

In this digital marketing certification course, you will be trained in all the concepts, tools, and technologies of the field such as SEO auditing, Pay-Per-Click, web analytics, social media marketing, mobile advertising, content creation, digital marketing strategies, etc.

SEO Training:

In this SEO training, you will learn various SEO tools and techniques, including on-page and off-page optimization, Google Analytics, and Webmaster, to help you improve the ranking of your website on the SERPs.

Social Media Marketing Training:

Customer engagement, social media impact on marketing, blogging, advertising, link shorteners, and other modules of social media marketing are taught by experienced trainers in this social media marketing training.

SEM Training:

In this SEM training, you will learn about Google AdWords, building paid advertising campaigns, tracking, optimizing, remarketing, and more. You will also gain hands-on experience, which will help you implement the learned concepts in new and engaging ways.

Content Marketing Course:

The trainers of this content marketing course will teach you to work on editorial mission statements, return on marketing investment (ROMI), its measurement, and effective content marketing strategies that will make you an expert in Content Marketing.

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After going through the blog, you may have come to a point where you agree that digital platforms have become popular around the world. Moreover, the COVID-19 pandemic, and resultant lockdowns, has made the world realize that online platforms are very important, especially for marketing endeavors. Companies can reach out to their customers with these online platforms at any time. Therefore, digital marketing is the best way to promote your products or services as you can target your niche audience directly and effectively.

A lot of organizations have already migrated from the traditional methods of marketing to digital methods. No wonder digital marketing is the fastest mode of promotion and the best way to associate with customers. If you want to be a part of this bandwagon, then this is the right time. Go get yourself registered for a Digital Marketing course and take the first step toward your dream career.

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