In order to reach a proper strategic stage, you have to undergo a lot of tasks and processes. The proper Strategy would be met only once the IT managers will be in proper coordination with the business managers. This is always not possible, but such session is really important to meet up and decide on the strategic plans. Having a hard copy of the enterprise strategy is very important which is usually not seen in many of the companies according to the real-time surveys till date. CIOs will not come to you, most of the time to let you know about the most elements of the Strategy, so it is your duty to haul out all the information and ideas you need to build up a proper strategy for your company.

The process of hauling out of sufficient data in order to develop a rich and high standard IT strategy without wasting more workforce is called as the IT Maxim process. The IT officers and the business managers together decide and develop two kinds of Maxims. These maxims are called as the
• Business Maxims,
• IT Maxims

The IT strategy whatever developed, in order to convert them into written document, certain principles are required. And these principles are the Maxims. If you form a Maxim workshop then about 5 total maxims you can develop.

The workshop in order to document the complete IT strategy i.e the maxim workshop is divided into two parts. They are:
• Searching the business maxim,
• Developing the IT maxim

In order to find the business maxims you have to extract information from the senior people who have already developed business strategies in their early career.

And in order to obtain the IT maxims, you have to question about the IT architectures and platform and ways you can bring the IT cost down. Coordinate all the IT applications wherever business issues occur. Also, coordinate between all the business processes in order to bring peace in the business like in IT.

If you develop such strategies, it will positively affect the control of the IT operations of the company. IT governance will reach its height is the enterprises consist of proper strategies and if each and every statement in the strategy is being strictly followed. So the controlling of the enterprise should meet the maxims.

Difficulties in developing the IT maxims:

• Whenever the CxOs feel the IT as inferior, they do not seem to invest the proper time in the maxim generating workshops.
• Also, if there are internal problems going on in the CxOs office and they do not want to get in touch with any of the outsiders because they do not want to take the risk to reveal their problems, then they will never agree to attend any workshops for generating IT maxims. The proportionality of the CxOs not participating in the maxim workshops is directly proportional to the unavailability of the IT maxims in the enterprises.

Remodifying the Business Strategy

Remodifying of the strategy is required when management is not interested in any change of the strategy, but you are being the enterprise IT architect wants changes in strategy. There are even organizations seem to be operating perfectly without having a written strategy. In these conditions, you have to learn all the business strategy patterns and then have to apply analogies in order to bring certain required changes you wish for the welfare of the company. Checking all the standard sourcing, applications and infrastructures, you can develop your strategy with a goal to reach them.

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