• What is an IT Strategy?

Before understanding what IT Strategy all about is, you have to know about strategy. In order to obtain a definite target, all the tasks that you have to go through have to be planned accordingly to reach the definite objective. And this planning and designing are called as the Strategy of the operation. If your target is clear, then you do not have to be in confusion in forming the strategy. If you know the goal, then you will find any possible way to reach the definite goal. IT Strategy is important in the IT enterprises, but TOGAF does not provide any method for building up of this strategy. Planning of the tasks in order to reach the IT goal is called as the IT Strategy of the IT enterprise. Sometimes while planning the IT strategy you may feel whether the way you have selected to reach the ultimate goal is enough or not. In many of the strategies, we feel that the opposite way might have been better than the way you have selected in the IT strategy. You are in a competitive market and to run a successful organization, you have to be a monopoly in maintaining the strategy. If your strategy is towards customer orientation and the opposing strategy of being non-customer orientation will push your enterprise towards failure. You do not have any second choice and hence, you have to follow being customer oriented only. One should try getting an idea about the organization’s strategy, by observing its business plans itself. Sometimes few enterprises do not even have a strategy of their own. Any organization having no strategy means the organization does not have specific sets of planned tasks. And without planning, no enterprise really stands up to reach its goals. If in any organization has no proper task strategy and all that matters to them are their budget, then working on that particular enterprise’s strategy seems to be not so smooth. If it gives more importance to the strategy, of course, your enterprise will come to a level where it can compete with other enterprises in the IT industry.

It Strategy is all about making decisions on the following Strategies:

• Application Strategy
• Integration Strategy
• Infrastructure Strategy
• Service Strategy

TOGAF and IT Strategy

• Application Strategy: An IT Strategy will be containing numerous plans and although your plan for all them following the Application Strategy is very significant. The strategy that contains all the directions and principles of handling all the IT applications in your enterprise is the Application Strategy. This strategy also contains plans and ways of maintaining the business plans of the organization by utilizing the IT applications.

• Integration Strategy: Integration Strategy plans in connecting all the applications in your IT enterprise because in most of the moment, the IT application is not specific and the enterprise consists of a large number of applications. Building a connection between all the IT applications in the organization and also building the connection with the outside of the enterprise comes under the Integration strategy.

• Infrastructure Strategy:Every enterprise has got their infrastructure, and outsourcing the complete infrastructure, of course, needs planning and strategy. Your enterprise’s network and global reputation describe the complete infrastructure strategy of your company. Also, safety and security solutions are factors mattering the infrastructure strategy.

• Service Strategy: When comes to the question of providing proper customer satisfaction, the services any IT company provides to their customers matters a lot. The proper strategy is required whenever you need to provide services to your customers, at what time you need to serve them and to what level of service different customers ask for. The planning of all these activities related to customer service is known as the service strategy.

• Sourcing Strategy: Although you know from when you will source and then develop your system, you still need a sourcing strategy. The management of the enterprise themselves decides on which products they will produce themselves and which products they will outsource. Sourcing can be done by your company alone, or even it can be done with your single or even large number of multiple providers. Achieving the target resources and the need of sources in order to pursue them involves planning which comes under the sourcing strategy. How to control and manage each area, financing each one requires strategy. The distribution of sources in different areas even needs planning and needs to be checked. You have to make a checklist of all the tasks you need to perform.

Table 1 : Checklist for IT Strategy

Degree of control systemDivisional

Once you are able to answer all the questions in the strategy, then you can confirm yourself that you are following all the strategies in the correct way. Try not to miss any of the questions you mark on the checklist in order to develop the perfect IT strategy for your company. Let all the employees know about their particular department strategies and once everyone knows about the strategy, they will get a clear view of the effect of their part of the work in running their IT strategy.

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