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Togaf Tutorial


TOGAF is a very famous framework for Enterprise IT Architecture (EITA) worldwide. The latest version of TOGAF is the version 9.1 which was launched in 2011. When you start a new job and start learning TOGAF, you will definitely find it tough to understand it without prior experience.

The working materials are very difficult to find depending on the kind of enterprise anyone wishes to make an architecture. Although working materials are not being provided by TOGAF depending on the enterprise, but it will obviously offer you with meta-models and also proper checklists.

Togaf  tutorials covers Introducing

1. Introduction
1.1 What is TOGAF 9.1?
2. What is Enterprise IT Architecture?
2.1 The Pragmatic Business Approach to Enterprise IT Architecture
3. IT Strategy
4. Project Portfolio Management:
4.1 Why do we need TOGAF as a framework for enterprise architecture?
5. Work for Enterprise IT Architecture
6. The TOGAF 9.1 Approach
6.1 What is an enterprise architecture framework?
7. TOGAF and IT Strategy
8. How to Get the Strategies Done?
8.1 Difficulties in developing the IT maxims:
8.2 Remodifying the Business Strategy
9. How TOGAF Supports?
10. Define IT Portfolio Management
10.1 The three flavours.
10.2 What is Application Portfolio Management?
10.3 Putting it together:
11. A note on Application Portfolio Management in TOGAF
12. A note on Infrastructure portfolio management in TOGAF
12.1 TOGAF and Developing Architectures
13. TOGAF and Architecture Governance
13.1 Content Framework and TOGAF ADM
14. Core Content Meta-model Concepts
14.1 TOGAF Certification
14.2 TOGAF and finding Tool Support
15. Architectural Capability Framework

Togaf Tutorial Video

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